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SpecPro, Inc. is the pre-eminent service provider for commercial owners of existing daylighting systems in their building envelope. With a combined 65 years of experience, SpecPro, Inc. brings consultation, inspection, forensic analysis, maintenance, repair and replacement.

SpecPro, Inc. is proud to announce the expansion of its services as the Retrofit Distributor for Major Industries and Duo-gard Industries. Moreover, SpecPro, Inc. has joined forces with AC Lightning Protection Inc. to consult on the refurbishment and certification of commercial lightning strike prevention systems. Now more than ever, commercial building owners have a single source to answer and address all their daylighting concerns and needs. Major Industries and Duo-gard Industries enhance the breadth of solutions SpecPro, Inc. can offer owners to maintain/replace their daylighting systems.

Major Industries is the nation’s leader in the manufacturing of translucent fiberglass sandwich panel systems. Providing a diffused light with temperature controlling features along with an unmatched 20 year color change warranty, SpecPro, Inc. is honored to offer customers the BEST translucent fiberglass systems in the industry.

Not unlike Major Industries, Duo-gard Industries has risen to the top of the manufacturing list of polycarbonate system providers. With over 30 years in the industry, Duo-gard is a proven answer to this type of daylighting solution.

Finally, AC Lightning Protection, Inc. is considered the nation’s go-to organization for installing, refurbishing and certifying commercial lightning protection systems.

Teaming up with these three titans in their respective fields, SpecPro, Inc. offers the assurance and peace of mind to building owners that they are working with the best and will receive the highest return on their investment and capital expenditures. 

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With over 65 years of combined experience, SpecPro, Inc. is the pre-eminent service leader in the consultation, inspection, forensic analysis, maintenance, repair and replacement of existing commercial daylighting skylight and wall systems.   Moreover, SpecPro, Inc. is the only company in the nation specializing exclusively in the retrofit of daylighting systems.  

SpecPro, Inc. has a staff focused solely on preserving the structural integrity and longevity of daylighting skylight and wall systems.  

SpecPro, Inc. commissioned and possesses propriety engineering studies along with over 100,000 inspection documents and photographs to address concerns and questions raised by both owners and insurance carriers.  

SpecPro, Inc. has a direct relationship with daylighting skylight and wall manufacturers giving owners the assurance that every phase of a project will meet and exceed expectations.  

SpecPro, Inc. offers daylighting technology to ensure the final solution will meet your daylighting requirements.  

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 SpecPro, Inc. works primarily for and with owners of commercial buildings that have incorporated the "green" effects of using natural daylight through skylight and wall systems in their buildings.  

 SpecPro, Inc. utilizes the unparalleled experience and expertise of its staff to conduct periodic inspections and provide reports to ensure owners are optimizing the life of their daylighting investment.  

 Following instances of severe weather, SpecPro, Inc.'s trained inspectors armed with proprietary engineering studies can validate if damage has occurred and if the structural integrity of the daylighting system is compromised.  This is especially important as most insurance claim agents and their engineers lack such knowledge leaving the owner no recourse years later.  



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SpecPro, Inc. utilizes the unparalleled 65 years of combined experience and expertise of its staff to conduct periodic inspections and provide recommendations directed at optimizing the life of the daylighting system.  SpecPro, Inc. staff have served as expert witnesses on the condition and integrity of skylight and widow systems.  


 SpecPro, Inc. has made independent inspections across the United States on behalf of owners and has an archive of over 100,000 forensic documents documenting the conditions of daylighting skylight and wall systems in varying climates and conditions.  


 SpecPro, Inc. provides a one-stop-shop, "turnkey solution" for an owner's daylighting needs starting with consultation, structural analysis, inspections, repair, maintenance and ultimately replacement.   SpecPro, Inc. can provide the benefit of a warranty for services, installation and products. 



 SpecPro, Inc. fights on behalf of owners for their insurance rights when weather related damage is in question.  Using our proprietary engineering studies, SpecPro, Inc. has successful dealings with all major property insurers  

on behalf of owners.  


SpecPro Installation Crew KETV Interview

SpecPro's installation crew was interviewed at the Omaha Children's Museum on March 6, 2019.

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